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Immerse yourself in lush landscape and rich textile history on the Grand Scottish Textile Tour, May 26 – June 5, 2020. Scotland’s connection with textile design dates back centuries, from brightly colored tartans to intricate knitting designs. The tour begins in […]

$5500 per person

Experience the magic of Italy on the Grand Italian Textile Tour, April 16th – 26th, 2020. Italian fabric is the gold standard in the fashion and sewing industry. Travel with us and learn about the history of fabric, fashion and […]

$5500 per person

Explore the world of classic and contemporary design on the Grand British Textile Tour September 22 – 30, 2020. We begin the tour in the magical city of London. Here we’ll discover London’s design heritage with visits to Buckingham Palace, […]

$5300 per person
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