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Happy Holidays, Voyagers! 

Though Carnaby Street doesn't swing quite as much as it did in the 1960s, it's still one of my favorite places to visit in London. It's particularly fun when decorated for the holidays. Each year the decorations are themed so that you might do your holiday shopping under glowing jellyfish, giant holly leaves, or even a rainbow of levitating lyrics from Queen songs. This year, in partnership with a wonderful organization called Choose Love, the street is bedecked in neon purple signs reminding shoppers below that there is hope for the future. Choose Love is an organization that I've followed for a few years, and they have a great way to help during the holidays, which you will learn about below. As ever, we have a variety of online happenings listed below for you to enjoy. Settle down with a warm drink and read/shop/watch your way through them. Enjoy your holiday season and we'll be back next month! Cheers, Betsy