Textile Travel At Home

I've been thinking about Scotland this week. Romantic, vast green landscapes, cozy Shetland sweaters, heavy tartan blankets, and even vegan haggis (it looks awful, but is surprisingly tasty!). I'm thrilled to announce that we have a date for The Grand Scottish Textile Tour! We are heading over May 26 - June 4, 2022, and I hope you will join us.

I am so happy to announce the dates for the 2022 Grand British Textile Tour - September 8 - 16, 2022. Imagine it – enjoying a luxurious high tea before heading to Buckingham Palace, getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the goings-on at Savile Row, and exploring beautiful vintage costumes. It's going to be magnificent.

As the bitterly cold days drag on, I try to embrace the mindset of folks who live in harsh winters every year. In Denmark, they practice Hygge, which focuses on creating an atmosphere of coziness and conviviality. For me, that means gallons of hot tea, twinkling white lights, and lots of cat snuggling.

As progress builds in the fight against the pandemic, I'm feeling more confident that we'll be able to enjoy our scheduled textile tours this year. I'm looking forward to getting vaccinated and feeling safe to travel once again.

The Grand Swedish Textile Tour is on our radar for the fall – I'm sure the residents of Stockholm know a thing or two about getting through a harsh winter. Luckily, October should be a beautiful time to visit. Won't you join us?

In the meantime, while away the cold nights with some handpicked textile entertainment I've shared below.

Cheers, Betsy B.

Happy New Year, Voyagers! 

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and is feeling refreshed and excited about the new year. I want to say thanks to all of our voyagers who sent kind words about the newsletter and to those who have worked with us while we rescheduled our 2020 trips. We currently have the Grand British Textile Tour and the Grand Swedish Textile Tour schedule for this upcoming fall, and I have high hopes that we will be able to travel with you again soon. In the meantime, here is a list of textile-related fun found online. Watch, enjoy, and get inspired. Cheers, Betsy

Happy Holidays, Voyagers! 

Though Carnaby Street doesn't swing quite as much as it did in the 1960s, it's still one of my favorite places to visit in London. It's particularly fun when decorated for the holidays. Each year the decorations are themed so that you might do your holiday shopping under glowing jellyfish, giant holly leaves, or even a rainbow of levitating lyrics from Queen songs. This year, in partnership with a wonderful organization called Choose Love, the street is bedecked in neon purple signs reminding shoppers below that there is hope for the future. Choose Love is an organization that I've followed for a few years, and they have a great way to help during the holidays, which you will learn about below. As ever, we have a variety of online happenings listed below for you to enjoy. Settle down with a warm drink and read/shop/watch your way through them. Enjoy your holiday season and we'll be back next month! Cheers, Betsy

A pillow pillow with a needlepoint image of a map of London in different shades of pink, along with a photo showing the printed canvas and wool kit.

Hello, Voyagers! 

Recently, while rearranging my sewing library I realized that I have quite a collection of needlepoint books – despite the fact I've never actually stitched a needlepoint project. I decided that it was time to indulge in my stitching fantasies and bought the London map needlepoint kit from Hannah Bass. This is how you take a London textile tour from the comfort of your own home! I'm so excited to finally venture into the world of needlepoint. I'll be posting updates from the project on Instagram. Why don't you join me? I would love to see what you are working on – be it needlepoint, sewing, quilting, whittling, whatever! Be sure to tag me @HelloVoyager. While I'm stitching away, I'll also be enjoying this month's roundup of online textile and design happenings. Check out the links below and enjoy your textile tour from home!

The golden skyline of Stockholm against a dark sky with green flashes of the Northern Lights.

Hello, Voyagers! 

Here we are in October and I've got 10 days to fill that were originally going to be spent on the Grand Swedish Textile Tour. Sure, I won't be gallivanting around Stockholm with fellow textile lovers, but that doesn't mean I won't be enjoying myself at home. I've got sewing projects lined up, a garden to put to bed, and this list of virtual textile visits to share with you. If you want to go on the Grand Swedish Textile Tour next year, we have dates! Join us October 12th - 22nd, 2021.

A group of women from the Grand British Textile Tour standing in front a the Crescent in Bath

Hello, Voyagers! 

September should've seen us packing our bags for the Grand British Textile Tour. Instead, I'm re-living past tours through photos – above is a photo of one our groups in Bath, in front of the gorgeous Royal Crescent. As much as I am missing my annual visit to England, I know that it will be there waiting for me next year, as beautiful and fascinating as ever. In the meantime, there are a plenty of interesting textiles to discover online...

Hello, Voyagers! 

As we embark on another month of staying home, I want to share with you some great avenues to explore the world of textiles. Below, find links to online lectures, articles on textile artists, recommendations for shows to watch, podcasts to listen to, and more.