January 2023

This week, I'm swept up in all things ballet and costume. I've been indulging in videos about costume design, saving all the photos of the ABT's production of Whipped Cream to my Pinterest board, and am toying with the idea of trying to sew a professional-style tutu. When I'm not dreaming of tutus and pointe shoes, I'm finalizing details for our September Grand British Textile Tour - keep an eye out for the official tour announcement in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I've gathered some fun links for you - explore below for a look at textile conservation, costume design, and artist inspiration.

I've been celebrating the new year by making plans for 2023 – garden plans, house project plans, and of course, travel plans! I've been busy working on an itinerary for a late-September Grand British Textile Tour. On this trip, we will be exploring some fabulous new experiences, stay tuned for the full details. In the meantime, I've rounded up a few videos I thought you might like to watch, as well as a fascinating fiber artist to check out.